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Washington D.C., the capital of the Free World, is on edge after the disappearance of sixteen women has gone unsolved for six months. As the police frantically search for any lead they can find, the city is rocked when the first one turns up dead. Wrapped in an immaculately clean white cloth and murdered in the exact way that Jesus Christ was killed over two thousand years ago. She is put on display for the world to see, her reappearance causing ripples through the department, the city, and the largest Christian organization in the country. It is the most prolific murder scene the city has seen, until the next one appears just days later.


For Layten Maddux, D.C. Metro’s lead homicide detective, the case becomes personal when the killer, calling himself Micah, calls him out on his talents, daring him to catch him. Maddux races the maniacal mind of his adversary and battles his own inner demons and apprehensions toward his faith before all of the girls become the next verse in Micah’s sermon to the people.

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